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That Tingling Sensation

I am finally listening to Arashi’s newest album in its entirety right now. Usually I would jump on any new things by them, but for the sake of a truly spectacular release such as this (they haven’t put out an album since 2008) I wanted to have time to really let it soak in.. not just background music.

When I listen to their music I well up with all kinds of emotion. The best is when there is a new release–I always get that tingling sensation. And no you pervs, it is not a sexual innuendo either. What I mean by tingling sensation is a kind of thrill that comes over me from hearing their familiar voices and style.. it’s a new song with new beats, lyrics, and perhaps even a twist on some other genre they are not accustomed to (rock, hiphop, etc). And I am surprised by their stuff most of the time as well, because well, it’s new -_-

That tingling sensation is not from the newness of the music though– the fresh elements are only pleasant additions to the true meat of it all–that is, when I hear their music, it’s never just a song as much as it’s like talking to an old friend. It is familiar like an old friend, but then no matter how much they changed since you last saw them, some things just never do. I feel a real connection to them through their music, which is honestly not something I can say for any other singer/group/band/artist/etc.

I want to write more.. but my brain is fried and I just want to finish catching up with my old friend now.. (=

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