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Troublemaker PV Preview

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

26 mb, HQ

And for goodness sake, let me again point out these two caps:

.. I don’t think any further explanation is necessary~


GANTZ Pre-premiere excitement

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s not the prettiest wallpaper, but it makes me sososo happy ^^ and it also very helpfully points out the two reasons why this is automatically my favorite movie of 2011 ^^V

The original is here:

I got it from the kanata_hongo community at LJ yeeee~

I really think this will be his ultimate breakthrough into mainstream (Hongo-kun, not Nino). He gained some notoriety with supporting roles in “Nana 2” and “テニスの王子様 [Tennis no Oujisama / Prince of Tennis]”, and following up with major roles in movies such as “青い鳥 [Aoi Tori / Blue Bird]” and finally a lead role in the movie “Goth”. He is pretty popular amongst young Japanese females right now as an up-and-coming ikemen (aka handsome/good-looking guy). After this movie though, I fully expect  him to be all around the magazines and media channels in Japan for at least a good year.


Cause first of all, GANTZ is a huge deal in and of itself. Maybe it’s not recognized worldwide such as other manga series like Dragonball, Bleach, etc. but in Asia or at least in Japan it is widely known and pretty damn popular. (Side note: both Nino and Hongo have commented that they loved the series for a long time and are honored to be able to take part in the live action.)

Now more popular than GANTZ right now is Nino himself. Please don’t argue with me on this, cause it is most definitely and indisputably true. With Arashi’s 10 year anniversary just passed, a new single coming out soon, and the members all busy with various projects, every promotion Nino gets is promotion for the movie as well.

Plus I believe the supporting lead (松山 ケンイチ / Matsuyama Kenichi) has a considerable fan following as well, having roles in doramas like “1リットルの涙 / [Ichi rittoru no namida / 1 Litre of Tears]” and “ごくせん[Gokusen]” as well as being the original Shin in the first “Nana” movie (heh cool connection to Hongo-kun there huh? ^^). He was in some movies that were based on famous Japanese authors’ works as well, but I doubt he would have garnered much fan following from that, although it did probably give him more credibility as an actor. And also, from what I know, his fan following is different from those who follow Nino / Arashi, so he could bring in those fans as well.

Then there are just the tag-alongs and die-hard fans. Die-hard fans of numerous stars appearing in the movie besides the aforementioned (check out the picture below! Miura Haruma is even playing a small role! kkkkk) will come to see it and the tag-alongs will follow their friends who happen to fall under one of these 3 categories (recap: 1) fans of GANTZ 2) fans of Nino / Kenichi 3) fans of other stars in the movie, including our beloved Hongo <3)

Much love for this project and let’s wish them luck in our anticipation! ^^V

Look, they are so excited already~ And even riida is getting into it by helping shout out the news of his Nino’s new movie (= kkkkkkk

I did not make that, but I don’t remember who did -_- someone on livej?? if it’s you and you want credit, leave me a comment please.

Plan B

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I was going to try to do this blog with some kind of order or direction, but I realize that if ever you want to know something about Arashi, there is a site out there for it that does the job far better than I ever could. That being said, I’m not giving up on the blog, but just the idea of order. (((((=

So for today let’s discuss this– I got my package in the mail today where I was able to get 57 magazines / photobooks (yes, I counted right and you read that right) which was a freaking steal for $471 including shipping. All brand new. With all the extras. Not reprints (or do magazines even have reprints? I’m guessing not~ or at least, the site I got it from wouldn’t since it only stocks the item once and once it’s out, it’s out ^^ heh.

Anyway, at retail price the total of the items comes to around $545 so just starting from there I saved quite a bit. Add on the bonus gift they sent me (a huge photobook for Aoi Miyazaki that retails for 9240 yen or over $100 O_O) On top of that what really REALLY made this worth it was the fact that about half of the items were back issues that are insanely hard to find now AND many of them are also special issues commemorating Arashi’s 10 year Anniversary.

Plus free shipping.

So, yeah, I am completely, 100% satisfied ^^V The one item I couldn’t get my hands on was the GQ Japan Feb. 2010 issue which featured Sakurai Sho as one of the Men of the Year. >< It was sold out. I had tried to buy it ten days after it went on sale ><” Insanity! M’ I right? heh but it’s ok, I managed to pick up Nino’s issue from all the way back in 2006 with Clint Eastwood and other cast members from Iwo Jima and also last year’s “Men of the Year” issue featuring Jun on the cover ^^V 성공!

There you have it~ I took a bunch of pictures of the mags already and I’ll put some up later~ Until then, check this out

It looks like he’s praying. I wonder if any of the Arashi members ever thought about that kind of stuff seriously. I know Christianity is not popular in Japan, but still, I wonder~ heh

Before the rainbow, there was ARASHI

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment


If you don’t already know, Arashi is the name of a 5-member Japanese singing group under Johnny’s Entertainment agency. It has been over 10 years since their debut (Sept. 15, 1999) and in the span of those 10 years they have made an incredible impact not just within Johnny’s, J-Pop, or even Japan, but have left their mark all around Asia (and sometimes beyond~).

These boys have done it all–music, television, dramas, movies, newscasting, stageplays, an art exhibition.. and what sets them apart from other groups who have done the same (which is pretty much no one btw) is that they did it well. Everything.

I could go on and on about why they are so great. It would be impossible to give all the reasons for why I love and admire them so much.

.. but here’s to trying~ ^^V

And there they are~~ BONUS: there is one extra person.. try to find the one that does not belong (;