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The Korean Media is Insane

Or at least a lot of the people involved in it are. I have never come across an article that wasn’t drenched in biased writing and hidden agendas. I really, really disdain the media here because it never, ever has done a satisfactory job reporting on anything–everything is done to make anything not Korean look much worse than it is and anything that is Korean look much better than it is. =_= What bullshit.

This time it’s personal. They attacked my Arashi.

Below are links to three different articles:


– English article describing a scandal involving a failed talent that went into the porn industry and some Johnny’s boys.


– Korean article describing the same news in its own “unique” way.


– Japanese article that is asking wtf is up with the Korean media getting off to a scandal concerning Japanese celebrities.

Ok, I will say right off the bat that the only language I am fluent in is English, but I spent enough time looking at the Korean and Japanese article to understand what they are saying. I mean, I may not be fluent, but I can understand what they are saying ><

Here are some of the finer points that may not seem like such a big deal, but it’s a big fucking deal.

일본 아이돌그룹 아라시 멤버들이 자살한 AV(성인비디오)배우와 섹스 스캔들에 휘말렸다.

Ok, first of all, I’d like to point out that they name Arashi but make no mention of even the NAME of the girl who they had this “sex scandal” with, they just name her as a porn actress.

아야는 지난달 25일 자택에서 투신 자살한 AV배우로 토키오의 나가세 토모야, 카툰의 다나카 코키 등 쟈니스 소속 연예인과 스캔들을 일으켜왔다.

Alright, NOW they say her name, but then still goes on to say that as a porn star she had relations with other members of Johnny’s Jimusho (all the singer boys’ company name). She focuses on Arashi because they are the ones closest to completion (so to speak) having 4 out of the 5 members involved, but moreover because Arashi has the most popularity in Korea and Japan than any of the other groups mentioned. I think moreover, Arashi has just started airing promotional videos for traveling Japan in Korea recently, so it is a cheap way to kick Japan down a few notches, which is oh-so-tantalizing in this ever-lasting battle against Japan in the minds of Koreans. God, just stop it. ><

아야가 진심으로 좋아했던 멤버는 ‘마쨩’이라고 불린 아이바 마시키. 두 사람은 서로 가족들과 모두 만나봤으며 지난 2003년에는 동거를 하기도 했다. 마지막 멤버 사쿠라이 쇼는 아라시 멤버 중 유일하게 아야를 싫어해 직접 관계를 갖진 않았다. 하지만 아야는 “마츠모토와 만날 당시 사쿠라이는 다른 여자와 얽혀 있었다”고 고백해 섹스 스캔들에서 벗어나지 못했다.

And then it ends like this, talking about how she really did like one of the members (wait, so you mean scandal as in she thought she loved him and maybe he did too? OMFG, WHAT A SCANDAL FOR TWO YOUNG UNMARRIED PEOPLE =_=) It goes on to talk about how they had lived together and what not, but there is no proof of that but heresay WHICH THEY FAIL TO MENTION because they don’t fucking feel like it. Then it ends saying that she only didn’t get around to Sakurai because he was in the midst of seeing another woman at the time she met him. Wait, so.. unless she means he was having sex with someone at the moment she met him (which I doubt), it seems like she means to say he was seeing someone else, if not in a relationship.

Now here is my big beef with the article:

#1: It makes such a big fucking deal about how she is a porn actress, but either the writer is a lazy fuck and didn’t do her research, or she failed to mention this because it helps to serve her purpose on making the scandal seem bigger than it is.. which is the fact that AYA was NOT a porn actress at the time that these scandals apparently took place. If you look at the very tame photos (most of them are just her with the boys, fully clothed, and a couple with them hugging [Tomoya] or kissing [Satoshi] her) and also take into account the date she proclaimed to have these affairs, they took place much earlier on in Arashi’s career, starting from when they first even entered Johnny’s (since she says she met Jun when he was in 8th grade-ish [2nd year of middle school in Japan] meaning he was 14 or 15 at most.. way before they even debuted. AYA had debuted as a pornstar in 2004, 5 years after their debut. Only after she released this did she become a porn star one year later–meaning before that she was just a failing talent.. she had been in a short-lived singing group before and spent the rest of her time trying to break in to be a racing queen (model). That means this crazy sex scandal with a pornstar that took place is not really so crazy and she wasn’t even a porn star at the time.. so stfu 백지은, you shitty, shitty writer.

#2: The whole article only details AYA’s (alledged) side of the story without mentioning what others have to say about it. It goes into detail about how she used to have pet names for the four member she had relations with, but failed to mention any of the reaction that was seen in Japan by the fans and general public, which was mentioned in the English and Japanese articles. She also conveniently leaves out the fact that AYA was not indeed a completely reliable source herself.. before her suicide she was very paranoid and believed to have a mental disorder of sorts to boot. This person doesn’t leave any room for doubt about any part of the scandal, instead she writes it as if it is almost absolute fact. She is really despicable.


This mentions that the Korean media includes the pictures of from the Shukan Bunshun to enhance the credibility of their article, which I must admit is fairly underhanded and effective. Pictures speak louder than words and since most Koreans will not care enough to see if it’s true or not, with pictures, whatever little tweaks they write to make things sound worse than they are to the public will in the end become more believable due to the credibility the pictures seem to give. Pathetic.

In the end, it is not such a huge matter to those who matter. The boys should be free to have relations, although it is against company policy for it to go public (which had no mention in the article.. also goes to show how little the so-called reporter knows about the situation). And I wonder where the scandal is? That all of them had at one point had sex with the same girl (save for Sho)? I’m sorry, was it a group orgy or something? No. Were they married or in a relationship at the time with someone else? No. Was she even a porn star at the time? No. And just in case you’re wondering, the age of consent in Japan differs from prefecture to prefecture, which means depending on exactly when and where they did have these alledged relations, AYA could be the one in the wrong and could have been having sex with a minor. Whoopsie~

Anyway.. that is all. Sheesh. ><”

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